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Conversation Between Akiro and TadashiED

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  1. Lol that would be cool. People will look back and say. "Hey I was there when it swam in my driveway"..haha
  2. They should make a monument of that shark...being the only one ever to swim in a city.
  3. And not a single damn was given by the shark lol.
  4. I lol'd when I saw that. Only in NJ will there ever be a shark swimming in the city.
  5. In NJ right? Lol I saw that pic that's crazy bro!
  6. Dude, I saw a picture of a shark swimming in the city LOL
  7. Likewise and rain for me.
  8. Yeah the winds here are pretty strong but that's about all we're gonna get here.
  9. *high five

    Weather is crazy bro because of Sandy. But I'm pretty good. Just chilling listening to music. You?
  10. *high five*
    so whatcha up tooooo
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