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Conversation Between PinkGalaxies and LoveGoddess

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  1. Oo PMs, huh? You naught girl, you. This should be fun. >;3
  2. Oh yes. I can try very, very hard. >;D

    You know that I like things rough. I can't say it here, but I'll PM you about my little "adventure" I had with Angela just last night. Hehehe.
  3. Hmm or maybe you do need to try hard. >;3

    Who said I wanted to get away? Just make sure you're not too rough. Hehe.
  4. Hehe. Maybe I don't need to try too hard to show you. >;3

    Don't think that you'll be getting away from me that easily, honey. I've far more experience than you at this; I do it basically every weekend and then some. You'll have a good 'ole time. :3
  5. You know it. >;3

    Ohh no. The only one wobbling will be you. Someone has to be able to do all the work. ;P
  6. Are you gonna bring THAT!? You wild girl, you. ;3

    I've already got several pieces of "jewelry" in my collection and you know that. But I don't have THAT one. We'll be wobbling by the time we're done, sweetcheeks. ;p
  7. Oh, I'll bring more than just lotion. Teehee.
  8. That sounds like a ggrrreeeeaaaaattt idea.

    Sleep over at my house; just you and me, though. Bring some lotion. Tehehe
  9. How about we test that theory Tuesday? Hmm? ;]
  10. Awwws. I sowwy. D:

    I'll bring you along next time. We had a reeeaaallly good time, too. We proved that you don't need guys to have fun. Hehe. ;3
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