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Conversation Between Jasmineee and Karirie

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  1. Yeah it is nice to relax! I'm a little stressed out from waking up early to watch Code Geass xD Oh, His name is Miharu and he is from an anime called Nabari no Ou. ^_^ OMG that's Ririchiyo?!? It took me forever to realize it was her until I saw the horns xD
  2. nothings good thoough! It's always nice to relax I'm stressing out over my university application and everything ;_;
    Aha same! xD It's such a cute background!:O Ooh which anime? He's interested me!^^ It's Ririchiyo from Inu X Boku SS
  3. It's okay. ^_^ I've doing nothing lately what about you? It was worth it! I can't stop looking at the background xD Oh, he's just a character from an anime I'm obsessed with. Who's is the girl in yours?
  4. Good good sorry late reply ;_; what you been up to?^.^
    Aw well it was definitely worth it! When I clicked on it I was like O.O in a good way ;D Aw thank youu And yours! Who's it of? ^.^
  5. I fine too. Oh and thanks ^_^ It took me forever to find the the right colors to match everything up together. xD I love your profile picture too.
  6. Heya! I'm good thanks! you?
    Also your profile things so pretty! :O I love it!
    And yay! You're the first person to write on my wall ^o^
  7. Hi How are you?
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