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Conversation Between MitsukiPandax3 and FatalEnd21

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  1. That's good! =D Keep trying your best and you'll continue to do well! Wow, sounds like you got to do a lot of exams. I only had to do 4. xD The only exam I had trouble on and did pretty bad on was math. I hate math. =/
  2. hahaha, my exams are alright so farr :3 thanks for the luck! I've got one more week to go before it'll be all over! xP
  3. How were the exams? If you are still taking them then good luck! I had exams too. It didn't stop me from watching anime either! Anime is too awesome to put aside xD
  4. I've been good! currently having school exams though that's not gonna stop me from watching animes~ haha xD
  5. Not much, listening to music and using the internet =D How about you? How are you?
  6. heey what's up?
  7. Hello
  8. I love all kinds of music =D Oh wow that music video is awesome!!! I can see why you're addicted to it xD
  9. hey Carlos~ what type of songs are you into? I'm currently addicted to this song;
  10. Me too but sometimes I can't help it xD so many good animes to watch. xP
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