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Conversation Between MitsukiPandax3 and Sizary Momo

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  1. My mostache is awesome! >:3
  2. hehe yeah xD I like your avatar too! the moustache is funny xP
  3. Tsunderes are ok i guess...
    My head doesn't hurt as much today.
    Ahah!Is that panda in ur avatar trying to
    get the rice?How cute! xD
  4. awh! that sucks. I hatee headaches :< hopefully you're feeling all better by now xD ah, a tsundere is a type of person that will seem mean/cold to you, but in actual fact, they like you. Something like that xD very dishonest type of people~
  5. I'm not sure what tsundere are.
    My day was good.I woke up(wanted to go back to bed but couldn't)
    I went to school(messed around with my friends), and i went home.
    (and got a huge head ache that i currently have right now >-<)
  6. My day wasn't bad. Morning was boring since there was school. But then I spent my evening playing the sim date game 'Starry Sky'. c: And that was a lot of fun! especially since there was a tsundere >u< do you like tsunderes? :o and how was your day?
  7. So how was ur day?
  8. ahh, okay, Vecky xD
  9. Oh sorry for the late reply.^^"
    My name is Rebeca but you can call me
  10. nee~ I'm still waiting for a reply y'know~
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