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Conversation Between Matea2306 and SuXrys

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  1. I have been sick. >__> I am getting better by each day however but uurgghh my throat >__<. It's such a pain, especially when you havn't taken any day off at all but have continued working. Lol, maybe not the smartest move but I didn't/don't want to ask for a day or two off.... I am new so I don't think it would look good.. But on the other side I don't think it looks too good that I am working while being sick so, -sigh-, being an young adult isn't easy. ;-;

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! But luckely it usually doesn't take that long time until you get used to new glasses. And yeah.... Atemu. .... ... ... *joins you in a emotinal moment of sad tears*
  2. Aaaaaaw thank you for the gift! ^^
  3. I started when I got to my home last month,I dont remember exactly the day ...I think Im a bit sad maybe because I watched 84 episodes,but still Im not finished,but I want to finish before you have any stuff with Yugioh or other anime like dvds or photos or posters or something?..I have draw of Yami Yugi from my sister I have Yugioh Duelist manga(vol 2. and 3.) and I have Yugioh dvd movie Piramyd of light and many photos of Yugi and Yami Yugi on computer and some photos of Kaiba and Yami Bakura
  4. First one to write on your wall!

    I must say, I do feel rather pleased with this. And 84 episodes already? Lol, when did you start? You are going threw them so quickly! xD

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