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Conversation Between Rainguardian and OminousCloud

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  1. I thought I should also tell you that when you report a visitor message the report gets sent to all of us. Maybe someone else will see it differently but um "Are they going to come and arrest me now? =[" is not harassment. Nor did I seek you out first to make that comment.
  2. Sadly this would be so much simpler If I could just add you to my ignore list but the system doesn't allow Moderators to be ignored same for Admins as well which I suppose makes sense but I still find it annoying nonetheless.
  3. I knew you wouldn't really care about that since reporting is probably worthless on forums but still wanted to tell you and I'm sure it's not the first time you've been reported.
  4. Are they going to come and arrest me now? =[
  5. Reported
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