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Conversation Between ms.Purdy and Fuuj1n

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  1. morrrrrnnnnnninnnnnnnnngggggg ZIMMM!!!!
  2. Good night

    I should've left earlier tbh haha. I need to wake up early for a gym session :3

    Anyway, night night :P
  3. good night!!!! ^_^ *YAWN*
  4. His name is Mike. I've never actually met him face to face, I usually talk to him online on skype where myself, Mike and my other friends play videogames while on skype. We usually play a game called League of Legends, but we play other games if we feel like :3
  5. Whats your friends name!!!!!!!! 0_0
  6. Ahh cool

    I have a friend who's from there but is currently going to university at Sheffield.
  7. Yessss bingo thats whats the place called
  8. Haha oh right. Sorry :3

    Is the place called Birmingham? if not, can you tell me the last letter of the name :P
  9. nooo the place i'm visiting starts with a b silly ^^
  10. Awww, don't say that. Surely if they are putting you in a plane from the US to the UK they must believe you are the right person for the job, otherwise they are wasting their own money

    Bim....? Just stick with a Z for Zim ;3 hehe.
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