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Conversation Between ms.Purdy and Kaleohano

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  1. Lol thanks

    so i'm guessing you're one of the girls who likes a guy in uniform? lol
  2. So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thats good that you guys trust each other. I've only had one girl that i really trusted, until she said she wouldn't be able to handle me being in the military.

    And yea. I'm a Nuclear Propulsion Engineer in the Navy. I'm currently on vacation, but when i get back i have to finish my last year of A-school.
  4. ummmm.....well we gain trust in each other and we still love each other i mean yeah i can be stubborn in our relationship i sometimes break up with him 4 times he likes me for me i like him for him i mean he hates when i hurt myself but thats life its like pizza.....and wait your in the milatary?? WOW
  5. Thats nice. I'm happy for you. I kinda wish i had a gf. But being in the military makes that aspect of life rather difficult.
    That leads me to my next question, how do you guys keep a long distance relationship like that going?
  6. yeah.......:3 ACTUALLY HIS ON AF
  7. Mur'kah! f'ck yea! lol
    You said you were also going to the UK to see your heart. By that, do you mean you've got a guy there?
  8. yeah i am :3
  9. sweeeeeeet. question, are from the states?
  10. oh really i'll think about it :3
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