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Conversation Between ms.Purdy and Sizary Momo

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  1. But i'm going to high school next year!
    Maybe they'll let me? O.o
  2. *starts crying* Thats soooo messed up!!!
    do what i did protest for your individuality..i won
  3. It's school dress code.They think u'l hide a gun or something
    in your beanie. Which is stupid but safe i guess. :P
  4. *gasp* wwwwwwwwwwwwwhat? you can't wear your beanie to school? thats totally a crime
  5. Hmm. Well i guess i do.
    But i don't lie being called emo in the bad way.
    Such as the "you want to kill yourself" way. Dx
    My hair is pretty awesome though! If only i could
    wear my beanie at school. >.>
  6. well do you?
  7. It depends if you like being called "scene" or "emo"
  8. i have scene hair i changed the color red and black for valentine..people say it has as a comment? or a insult?
  9. No.But people say my hair looks emo. O_O
  10. good!! have you ever had scene hair?
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