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Conversation Between Moki-San and bubblebubbleBOOM!

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  1. The one with the black and white shirt is me lol. And speaking of cool profile thingys your whole profile is awesome! Idk how to put pictures for the makes me confused haha... well, see ya later! Or rather, write ya later bai!
  2. Oh i see, well we are into FMA too but never read the Brotherhood series~
    By the way, i forgot to tell you how much i love your profile picture, its so creative and 'friend' loking, which one is you (or is any of them you?)
  3. Heyy thanks for saying my idea was good! X3 makes me feel occomplished lol. And what am I into...huh...let me many things . For one: ANIME haha. So much. I don't have a number one because I can't choose but there is FMA and FMAB, birdy the mighty decode, deadman wonderland, and ergo proxy. So really I like anytthing. Oh, nd I draw too. Sooo yeah that's bout it. And I used to write...but ya know I haven't in a while I'm probably rusty. Well...that was long and overly dramatic. Sooo see ya! :P
  4. i have sent you a friend request.
    we're ('we' because me and my sis share this account) into manga and anime too!!
    what stuff are you into?
  5. thats an awesome idea! thankyou very much i shall keep it in mind!
    its funny because i have seen your blog and thought...'this person seem like a nice person' and you DO seem very nice
    thankyou again~
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