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Conversation Between Moki-San and SakuraKiss13

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  1. Is that so? I have been glad to be able to help
  2. Thanks, that is actually an awesime idea!
    I will be sure to use it in my story~
  3. Sure. I'd be glad to
  4. hi-ya!
    just here to tell you about our new blog and we need as many suggestions as possible!
    go check it out!
  5. Sure. Just accepted it ^__^
    i totally agree with your comment on my blog!
    thats exactly how i feel!!!!
    thankyou again for commenting!
    you should comment on my ('our' because my sis shares this account) other one about gripping story intro's!!!!
    thankyou again!!!!
    please accept our friend request!
  7. yay! Some do not understand the beauty of yaoi but I do

    BTW, I'm gonna check those blogs
    I can't wait.
  8. by the should check out my blogs!
    one is about yaoi and the other is about openings to stories, it's all about hearing your oppinions and it will be interesting to hear yours! and besides there are hardly any comments on them~
    you can acsess them through my profile by clicking on 'veiw blog entrys'!
  9. COOL~
    to be honest it doesnt really matter if your a boy or a girl as long as you like it, nobody will complain and besides who said that yaoi is just for girls! that would just be hogging it! XD spread the yaoi love!!!
  10. Though I'm a guy. I love yaoi. :3
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