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Conversation Between Moki-San and SakuraKiss13

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  1. It's just my room. XD
    I haven't even started watching because I haven't finished my piles of homeworks. XD
  2. hehehe, good plan, you'll have to tell us about this "hideout" *evil grin*
    But anyhow, us and yaoi is just all to dangerous while we still live with our parents (we WILL move out some day, and thenit'll be yaoi galore~~) about the only person we can talk to about it is our fujoshi friend~
    Have fun watching gravitation (tell us how it is, i'm curious~)
  3. Haha. They will never ever find me watching yaoi in my super secret hideout XD
  4. your pretty much in the same situation as us then!
    we just dont know how our parents would react if we told them...we'll have to tell them one of these days though, we're just scared they'll find us 'dirty'
    hope you like the anime, its quite funny in places too!
  5. Well, I actually watch yaoi..secretly. XD
    They'll go crazy when they saw a boy watching a scene especially if the scene gets too intimate
    I never tried Gravitation before. But I heard rumors. XD
    I have decided. I shall try it ^^
  6. Oh, and just for the note (and mostly because i forgot) we have watched one yaoi anime and that was a gravitation one, i don't THINK it has any "scenes" in it but i'm not sure as we never finished the series~
    Its very funy in places and just as cute in others (again, sorry if this was no help)
  7. we don't really watch yaoi in anime because our parents don't know we are into it and if they happen to walk in at an "intimate" moment, it would be very hard to explain...
    However i can reccomend you good yaoi manga to read as our anime buddy often supplies us with some yaoi books,
    -stray cat (this is hardcore and has , i think, three differnet stories with differnet pairings)
    -Junjo Romantica( you've probably heard of this one, but its hardcore just for the warning)
    -Gravitation DJ (very very hardcore, infact, even our anime buddy was put off by it, if you find you don't want to read it , then the original Gravitation manga's are just as yaoi, but not as hardcore)
    thats all i can remember for now, sorry if this has been no help~
  8. Thanks. I appreciate it. Hey. any good yaoi anime titles you know I can watch?
    I have been deprived of yaoi lately. XD
  9. what do you mean, you're always of help to us~
  10. what do you mean, you're always of help to us~
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