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Conversation Between Moki-San and Sizary Momo

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  1. Haha!That's cool. >:3
  2. yup....its kinda a pun on my sisters name after our hyper friend said it wrong once and it kinda stuck...and since my sis was the first to discover this website she logged on as Moki-San (which she always uses for her user names) if it had been me i would have used my user name and as Gothid but i didnt get there first sooo...but yeah we both decided on it
  3. Did you make up Moki-San together?
  4. yesh...and you would call my sis Tsukasa...obviously we'd tell you who is on at the mo...
  5. So do i call you Kagami?O-o
  6. well, we only tell the people who know the nicknames so thats you and our other friend so far...
    its still kagami by the way
  7. So do you tell others who's talking at the moment?
  8. well we have been given nick names by our other internet friend going by
    kagami, thats me at the moment and tsukasa which is my sister
  9. You share the same account?O-o
    How do i know if it's you or your sister?
  10. cool thanks!
    we (me and my sis who i share this account with) have had an uneventful kinda day so far!
    you too?
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