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Conversation Between Moki-San and aether

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  1. yo! post me when your on!
  2. Yo!, sorry about the homework, we'll see if we can talk to you of the morrow, but for now...tally-ho!
  3. Heya there again
    sorry about me being offline earlier had to deal with some things around the house
  4. thanks! i hope your day was as eventful!
    you can load up chat if you want
  5. Heya
    I'm glad to hear your first day back at school went really well ^^
  6. yo! finished school a few hours agao
    it was normal...ish
    because we recently dyed our hair everybody thought it was really cool
    it was nice to see our friends again
    post me when you wanna talk
  7. I'm free again now just had to have some food
  8. hope your still free!
    i was caught up in fanfictions!
    oops silly me!
  9. Heya sorry about delay been busy doing alot of stuff today unfortuantly but I am free for a bit now
  10. yo! send me a post when you wanna chat!
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