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Conversation Between Moki-San and aether

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  1. I wa salso wondering if you would like to hear the play Kagami said i was writing last might, i could send the whole thing to you in a private message?
  2. I suppose he is but I wouldn't quite know that sort of thing lol
  3. If so thats a very pretty man~
  4. That's fine by me
    -I changed that by purchasing the user title change in the AF shop, you earn Gil by posting on the forums and then you can purchase from the shop
    -I don't remember changing my age myself so I think it's automatic lol
    -lol fair enouh
  5. I also have a few questions to ask you if thats okay...
    1) how did you change the name of your status like that whole 'Warrior of insanity' thing?
    2)when you are on animeforum for over a year , does your age change automatically or do you have to change it.
    3)...thats all really.
  6. Ahhh don't worry it was back during that year that everywhere was flooded for most the year.
    It shouldn't flood hopefully it's not like the weather has been that bad this year so you should be fine
    Ahhhh Scotland way I've never been up that far north, the furthest I've been is Liverpool and that's where some of my relatives live.
    I think it's male not quite sure truth be told but I like it
  7. Urgh~ *thinks bad thoughts about a flooded campsite*
    I hope that doesn't happen, we've never really been camping before~
    We're going down near Boston so its near Skegness (however you spell the damned thing)
    By the way, i was wondering if that avatar of yours is male or female?
  8. It's alright
    But at least I know who it is though who's online
  9. Now its Tsukasa, sorry for the random updates
  10. Okay (lol fair enough)
    Oh god not camping, I used to go camping myself and the one year we were flooded out of the campsite and had to stay in a church for the rest of the week as the camping site was soooo flooded. We even dug trenches to try and drain the field but that didn't help.
    I hope you and Kagami have fun when you go.
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