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Conversation Between FstSergeant8595 and RyuTama

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  1. Use MuseScore is free. I highly recommend checking it out! And yeah no problem =) I will send you the links to the songs.
  2. Snap, I didn't notice your last VM. D: I thought you had left or something, sorry. Thanks for the piano~.

    Anyway what's Musescore? Do you have to pay for access to streaming or downloading files?? And sure, I wouldn't mind checking it out. It's been a while since I've listened to any good scores; I miss marching. :c
  3. I was bored and put my frontline's full pit score for each 4 movements in my Musescore program lol. They are on the internet if you want to hear them? If you do let me know and I will send you a link via PM.
  4. We didn't have a Bugle Corps, I think we were just too small (only 2A altogether). I tried out for the Marine Corps Band after I graduated, but after some physical exams they told me I was DQ'd because of a certain medication I take. Feels bad man. :c

    So you're doing trumpet? Good luck. That was the only instrument I gave up on learning. I'm just not a brass person. xD; Lemme know how it works out for you. And no problem with ranting; I get the same way when it comes to marching (as you can probably tell by now LOL).
  5. I loved playing in percussion, even though it was just one year. As a sophomore I was the last to join so I ended up doing all of the minor percussion like triangle, bongos, gong, chimes etc. along with vibes. Oh man that was a crazy piece lol. I would literally have five seconds to dash halfway across the pit to start on the next part. I also learned marimba later on once I became a more skilled player. That was all just in winter percussion though. I played clarinet in marching for three years, and then with sax in my Senior year. I was offered the position of drum major as a Junior since our last one had graduated, but I was too happy being with my little clarinet niche lol. Being section leader was fun, but I never had the chance to be SL in percussion; that sounds like it'd be a blast too.
  6. This summer I have done the Legends All-Star Band (which is nothing like the drum corps) and played Bass 5. Hopefully if all goes well, this winter I am going to do the Legends Percussion Independent Open ensmble (Legends is a big organization if you were wondering lol) Haha sorry for the huge bio of my music life, but nobody has ever cared before. OH! Also I had just took trumpet lessons so I am learning that... It's going.. meh lol.
  7. Lol nice. I have played clarinet since 6th grade and then once I got into High School our band director needed someone to play in the front ensemble to play vibraphone. I had never heard of either, but decided to do it anyway. My freshman year playing vibes was one of the most frustrating things I had ever did lol. After that I did a percussion winter concert playing vibes in a song called Dystopia (which is an awesome song written by Jim Casella, you should search it) Sophmore year I got moved up to marimba which was really fun and I was the co-section leader. That next summer was the summer I did Legends Drum and Bugle Corps and played vibes for that (was grueling lol). Junior year I played marimba and was section leader (the previous one graduated) And then this year I am section leader again playing marimba. (PS during all of this I was still playing clarinet for concert season, percussion was just for marching band)
  8. Let's bring this to VMs so we don't keep derailing the thread lol.

    But yeah I was section leader for the clarinets (and pretty much the woodwinds in general) for two years. I only played in Winter Percussion for one year since traveling got too expensive, but I kept playing marimba and vibes afterward. I had to learn alto sax since their section leader got into an accident and no one else could really teach the rest of them. :x Most grueling two months in my band career lol.
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