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Conversation Between Yukisakurakissu and Deathscythe27

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  1. sorry that your friend never turned up. I know I'm so late about replying. I've been so busy with school since it's started. Ugh. It's sad. haha, but how've you been???
  2. Hahaha she didn't turn up but I had a good time regardless....I also drank too much :P
  3. Thanks~ hahaha~ i drank a little too much~ hahah but now... hmmm... I'm going to watch anime to keep me up. ^^" Before I was sitting under the moon~ hahah
    I hope your friend has turned up or will turn up soon also. I know how much that sucks =/
  4. Oh wow I hope you have a good time ^_^
    My friend hasn't turned up yet I'm still waiting for her T^T
  5. Plans for the weekend~~~ hmmm... yeah! LOL I have a graduation party and possibly a birthday party to attend on the same day then help my boyfriend move and then attend a car meet~ so I guess I'm busy as well.... WAIT when am I going to be able to watch anime?! T_T I is sad now.
    So do you and your friend have anything planned for the weekend?
  6. lol Yeah I don't know many of the categories either. So do you have any plans for the weekend? I have a friend coming for the week (or so ^^ so busy busy busy XD
  7. Hi Chad~ ^^ lol I love Bleach~~~~ I'm just past 300 now lol and I've seen High School of the Dead too~ I liked that one.
    I'm into all kinds of anime as far as I can tell. I don't really know the categories that they fit into really. I just know that I like them ~ #fail -.-"" haha
  8. Call me Chad btw XD
  9. XD Yeah I've done that before. Um I guess I experiment with anime but mostly watch shonen series like bleach and one piece etc. I'm currently watching Highschool of the dead pretty good so far.
    What about you what kinds of anime are you into?
  10. Hey Deathscythe27~ ^^ I'm doing pretty great actually. I slept my day away though... so now I'm going to be up all night now. smh. solution = watching anime! nyaa~ha! ^^)v
    What kind of animes are you into btw?
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