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Conversation Between Yukisakurakissu and RyuTama

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  1. Ah~ souka souka~ Thanks for the heads up and I added you as a friend on livemocha too~ ^^
  2. Here's my profile. Just send a friend request and I'll accept it by tomorrow evening or so. And yeah, you can enroll in as many courses as you want. The Active Spanish, German, French, and Italian courses are a lot more in-depth than the basic 101-202 courses, but you have to pay or do peer reviews in order to access them. Just a heads up.
  3. Just made my account on livemocha~ ^^ my u/n is also yukisakurakissu on there. They have so many languages on there! Are you able to do more than one at a time?
  4. Hello hello~. Thanks for the friend request. Lemme know if you decide to check out livemocha so I can add you. :3 I can help you with some of the basic Japanese on there if you want. ^^
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