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Conversation Between bubblebubbleBOOM! and ms.Purdy

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  1. hmmmmm.....never head of it???
  2. Hahaha my other friend is all about emo poems, I have read so many I might as well write myself hahaha. But I don't :P oh and btw do you know what that do I describe it...well the two characters in it are all awesome looking and they have blue hair and the other has blond hair. And they are both boys and have like bands across their noses and decorations on their faces. And in the picture I'm looking at the blond haired guy has a red hoodie on...sound farmiliar? Idk the pic just looks awesome so I wanna watch it.
  3. hehe i'm just writing a emo poem *waves back* ^^
  4. Heyyyyy dude! Wats up? I'm having a heck of a time right now, hiding up in my room. My maybe-almost-stepdad is downstairs making dinner. Whoo hoo *unenthusiastic wave of the white flag*
  5. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thank you and i by the way drawings good for the soul : >
  7. Hey thanks for messaging me! Are you new here? I'm kinda new here too, pretty novice but its such a fun site and I hope that you enjoy it! Well its fun if your an otaku, atleast. So message me back,k? Ill talk any time.
  8. hi there and i hope you enjoy AF
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