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Conversation Between bubblebubbleBOOM! and Sizary Momo

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  1. On your profile click Customize Profile and then
    it will say Page Background. That's how you edit it.

    You're gonna have a stepdad?
  2. Hey! Your profile looks so cool! I still can't figure out how to do that haha.... and I'm good. Hiding from the maybe-future-stepdaddy up in my room. Fun fun fun hahaha.
  3. What's up dude! xD
  4. Hmm do you watch Bleach? ;]
  5. Hmmmm....idk XD
  6. So if i didn't like FMA that
    wouldn't make me your friend? ;P
  7. Hey thanks for adding me as a friend! I only accepted it cuz I saw that you love FMAB, and that makes you pretty awesome! Message back pweeez!
  8. I'll be your friend!
  9. Thanks! Can't wait to make freinds here.
  10. Welcome to AF!
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