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Conversation Between Allyria and aether

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  1. I don't go on the chat in all honesty for the simple fact that on my computer I don't have the necessary software to run it and I cannot be bothered downloading it lol.
    The best way of making friends on here I find is by joining one of the groups and get to know the members in them true some are quieter than others but others can be far more active.
  2. That's nice. I remember on myspace I always had to preview and then I was like, yeesh! when I tried to make my own. Ended up doing div styles. Oh I hate waking up XD Is it easy to make friends on this site? I went in the chat a couple times, but it's harder than I thought. They are all really close.
  3. When you do adjust the colours you can scroll down the screen to see which parts will be changed so it's quite simple
    Just waking up to be honest lol
  4. Yeah, that and I just need to learn to color compliment colors. Ha. So what are you up to?
  5. Once you know how its done its really simple how to do it
  6. You have a cool profile. Bahh I need to learn how to make mine look better haha. Being new to these things always sucks a little.
  7. No problems ^^
  8. Thanks for the friend request! n.n
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