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Conversation Between Kona Chan and Anime Forum

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  1. I'm good! Just browsing AF and doing some stuff :3. Haha. Yush, seems like it. Its a fairly fun game, good luck!
  2. how are you Kagami chan? Finally I've changed my user name^^. I've seen that you're gonna play wolf ( we'll play together \o/ )
  3. I love the name change! Did you watch your primetime animes?
  4. Seraphin is the "daļ tenshin" in japanese or the great angel in english and I wanna be an angel Secondly my name is sebastien and it's near seraphin :-) Furthermore in fire emblem ( on gc or wii ) I like Sephiran and this name is seraphin in an other order. Finally I think that Kona Chan is better than me so I can call myself Kona Chan but I should be glad if you call me Kona Chan ^^
  5. You can call me Kona Chan if you want but I'm not gonna change my name because I really like it for a lot of reasons ^_^
  6. I'm not on much either xD.. Like sometimes! Its fine no worries.
    Hey change your username to: Kona Chan
    : D
  7. Yeah of course, the video game part was fun :-) . I'm sorry for the time before answering. Actually I have some trouble with my computer, it's why I'm not on the forum for now. I'll try to fix up the situation.
  8. Yeah its great! xD. Plus its cheap on amazon. Did you like the Video Game episode?
  9. The OVA was great... Even if I 've lost the volley-ball game against you xD
  10. No but thanks to you, I know what I'm going to watch in few minutes xD
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