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Conversation Between BloodyPrussian and GaHoolianGirl100

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  1. I don't have an account on any of them. *blushes* I don't even have an email.I will enetually,and this will be the first site I'll show it on.Hopefully I can manage going.
  2. Ok well if you want to keep in touch you can just add me on one of those sites that I said in the forum
  3. I might go,because I live in CT,and it all dependsnif my parents are willing to take me.But I hope I can go,because my hopes of Connicon were dashed.
  4. AniminiCon is August 10-12 and its in New York, NY. Its really small but I'm not sure if I'm going or not but NYCC is new york comic con and it is also in new york, NY and that one I am definitely going since I already bought the tickets. But if you wanna meet inside the con than thats fine by me
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