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Conversation Between BloodyPrussian and Sighanide

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  1. Well, drama landed me in Ukraine. UKRAINE @[email protected]
    You know how hard it is to learn how to speak russian? HARD!
  2. Same old with me. So much drama everywhere XD
  3. So what's up with you? as of now I'm in London, 'cuz of a new job
  4. That sucks
    Honestly I didn't get a lot of good things either XD
  5. I'm doing pretty well, Bit tired, but doing pretty well. Didn't really get anything cool for christmas, but, hell, I didn't expect to.
  6. Its all good dude XD
  7. You by my page without saying hi? BLASPHEMY! just kidding, but seriously, how you doing? xP
  8. wassup?
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