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Conversation Between Moe-Mystic and Moki-San

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  1. thankyou so much for your post!
    awww such an adorable picture this really made my day,
    1 million thanks for always posting on our blogs
    this means alot
  2. hi there!
    just a note to say we've done a blog likethe one you asked for, about yaoi and shonen ai!
    please check it out
  3. Of course it's helpful! You're ALWAYS helpful, thankyou very much and we will keep that in mind~
  4. hi-ya just here to say we've done a new blog and want as many suggestions as possible!
    go check it out!
  5. thanks for the suggestion, we'll look into it...
    by-the-bye did you view the junjo romantica anime (was it too hardcore)?
    no worries if you didn't.
    Also, do you like our new avatar, its kawaii (its from hetalia~)
  6. Hmm... Maybe do some reviews on your favorite Yaoi anime. Or, I'd suggest maybe starting something like a Facebook page dedicated towards Yaoi anime, and have frequent posts every week including updates about new Yaoi that is coming out, and stuff like that. Since it is two of you, keeping updates frequent will be easier. Posting links, relative webpages, 'Memes', and cosplaying photos, just for Yaoi.

    For example: The 'My little sister can't be this cute!' anime has been long since over, yet, it's still has blue-ray collections, special edition dvd's and stuff like that going around, because there are hardcore fans that want to keep that spirit alive. It's just my suggestion.
  7. Thankyou for your post on our blog...what ideas do you have exactly?
    Please be sure to tell us, maybe we can somehow make them together~ (i don't know if thats possible though...)
    By the way, we are thinking of changing our avatar, but it will still be us~
  8. okay thankyou ^_^
  9. Well, I'll watch it for you and see if it's not TOO hardcore. Give me a day or so.
  10. Thankyou, we'll consider it...but....the manga was a little...well...hardcore and we're wondering if they include any of that in the anime (we're only comfortable with watching fluff at the moment as we still live with our parents and they don't know we're into yaoi~)
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