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Conversation Between hawk189 and Sizary Momo

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  1. No i haven't heard that song.
    Here's Beliefs by We Came As Romans.

  2. i love that song too!! have you heard Yeah Boy?
    i have not heard We Came as Romans.
  3. I love Bulletproof Love!!!
    Vic's voice is so awesome!!!
    It makes me wanna cry!<3

    That song was nice.
    Have you listened to We Came As Romans?
  4. are they good? ARE THEY GOOD? they're AMAZING!! look up My Darkest Hour. BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
    i LOVE pierce the veil!! Vic is so amazing!!
  5. I can't see the picture.
    And no i haven't heard of them.
    Are they good?

    Have you heard of Pierce The Veil?
    Vic is so gorgeous!!!! <3 >3<

  6. ohhhh. ok!
    have you heard of Scary Kids Scaring Kids?
  7. No i didn't mean to like it on FaceBook.
    Click this button.You don't need a FaceBook.^^"

    Ahaha yes Jeremy does look weird in that
    picture.He looks like he's twitching.^-^
  8. no. i don't have a facebook.
    not at the moment. thanks! ^-^
    OMG!! he looks kinda funny.
  9. Yeah you can.Just look below someone's comment and
    you'll see a button that says like.
    Need any more help?
    (Jeremy Picture!)

  10. thanks!! ^-^
    AWWWWW!!!! i can't like it!!
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