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Conversation Between hawk189 and Sizary Momo

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  1. What so funny?
  2. ok, so i thought high school would be like middle school and people would hate you for no reason, but it turns out i was wrong. every one loves you and treats you like family! sometimes it's quite annoying and other times it's not.
    omg!! i just remembered something funny!!
  3. I am too! >-<
  4. yes it is.
    i'm so bored!!!
  5. Isn't my profile awesome!? >-<
  6. not yet. i shall look at it right after i post this.
    i know you love Vic.
    yes, i have heard that song.
  7. Have you seen my profile?
    It's covered with the album King For A Day
    is from!Of course i know that song!!!! xD
    I love Vic! xD
    Have you heard this song?

  8. that sucks. listen to this one when you get the chance.

  9. I can't listen to it right now.My headphones
    don't work.>.<
  10. i heard that song ages ago. its really good. have you heard this song?
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