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Conversation Between hawk189 and Sizary Momo

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  1. I never heard of this band.Is it old?
  2. cool. i just found another inspirational song.
    here it is.
  3. Good.I've just been listening to Vic's
    beautiful voices. @[email protected]
  4. ok. i guess.
  5. So how've ya been?
  6. i think it's cool.
  7. That song's just weird @[email protected]
  8. omg!! ROFL!!! i laughed so hard my sister woke up an slapped me!! ow. T_T
    idk what we do at the end of each semester. wait!! yes i do! everyone gets a schedule change so we have some different classes.

    in love with this song:

  9. Haha! Cool.In my school at the end of each quarter we're all going to have
    a dodge ball match with all the grades.My teacher(who is really competitive)
    says that we're all going to wear black and that he's going to put warrior make-up
    in each side of our cheeks so we look tough.And he'll tackle us down is we don't
    and put it on whether we like it or not! xD
  10. it was spirit day at my school and some other grade had to wear green, so some dude painted himself green (hair and face included) and wore all green. he even walked around shirtless the whole day. the office eventually dress coded him, but it was still funny!!

    bet you haven't heard this song before:
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