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Conversation Between ChibiLovett and SuXrys

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  1. Awww sad Doctor! And, as I said, I might like it now that I'm older and am no longer hating the entire world. I just haven't tried again yet.

    haha Nice. xD Nothing wrong with that! I have a thing for an actress (Helena Bonham Carter) that will probably never die. Been a few years going and doesn't show any signs of stopping. Same thing, different person! lol Actually she was in a movie with Ewan McGregor once. Big Fish. She was the witch and Jenny, if you've seen it.

    *coughs* I shall pretend I never heard that...

    Hahahahah! Yes... isn't he~~ x3 *currently fangirling in my mind* I remember that I back in highschool sometimes sneaked into the library just to glance into a picture book of Star Wars just because I wanted to look at him.. Hahah! It's embarrassing to write it but hey - I think I will always have a thing for d'at boy. ;D Yupp, he is one of my favorite actors, who could figure?~
  3. A couple dollars, at least. I really don't know why they're cheaper, but I'm not complaining. lol

    I've never really been a big Lord of the Rings fan, to be honest. I've only seen the first movie once and that was back when I was really little. Never read the books outside of The Hobbit, which bored me. I guess it was during 9th grade where I hated almost everything so I might give it a shot again eventually. But, as of right now, I'm really not too big on any of that stuff. Never really had much of a desire to explore any of it further, even.

    Oooo....that sounds interesting. True stories are always good. And Ewan McGregor is pretty awesome. x3
  4. How much cheaper are they?

    You forgot to write that you are waiting for The Hobbit (?) O__o

    One movie that I am waiting for is Lo imposible, The movie is based on how a real family actually had it down in Thailand (I think it's there they are in the movie) when the wave came, so I know already now in before hand that I won't be able to keep the tears away at all. Don't think I would've been able to do that even if the movie wasn't based on how a really family had it, it will just get extra hard now to keep the tears away.

    Also... Ewan Mcgregor is in it <3
  5. It means an early showing. I think the technical definition means it starts before 5 PM. They're cheaper than later ones.

    Maybe not there, but it came out here last month. The one I'm waiting for around Christmas is Les Miserables. <3 Jeez I just realized how busy this year actually has been with movies I want to see REALLY BADLY and have actually been waiting a long time for. O.O Frankenweenie (2 years), Silent Hill 2 (1 year), Dark Shadows (2 years, the one I saw 4 times x3), Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (1 1/2 years), Les Miserables (1 1/2 years)....holy crap. I love this year! xD
  6. "Matinee"? What is this strange english word you are haunting me with?? *upset swede*

    I havn't seen Frankenweenie yet, but I thought it wouldn't come out to the theaters until christmas?
    Hahah, sounds like me with one of the lord of the rings movies. xD
  7. Time isn't the problem. I have to wait until it hits the cheap theater and hope I'll be able to catch it on a matinee. >.< And Frankenweenie and Silent Hill 2 are my priorities to see right now! haha

    Um....nothing new. I don't go to movies very often. O.O Every time I've gone in the last year has been for the same movie, and that's mostly because I was determined to break my record and see a movie four times in theaters. xD
  8. You shall get time some day, young padawan. *sounds like Yoda*

    Any movie that you feel like sharing to me?
  9. I haven't even seen that yet! DX I want to, but no such luck yet...
  10. You should go and check into Hotel Transylvania ;>
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