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Conversation Between MariannaB and Kona Chan

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  1. Now I have watched Angel beats and it was great. I understand know what you mean, Yurippe was trully a haruhi-like character.I see also the clannad touch because of the unhappy past of every characters...
    However it's sad when otonashi say: I love you, stay with me forever...
    and kanade answer:
    thank you, thank you for the life you gived to me...
    It's not a correct answer T T. Poor otonashi, even if in last five seconds, we see an hypothetical happy end
    Again great anime,
    Thank you so much. =)
  2. Um I can't remember where I downloaded it but if you just google download Mirai Niki TV Show, you should find it.
  3. The TV show??? No I don't know it ^^' where did you find that?
  4. Yes that one is great. Have you watched the TV Show as well? It's awesome.
    Iris Zero is a good manga I just discovered if you're looking for something new to read.
  5. Do you know mirai nikki? It was a good discovery for me
  6. No problem. Please let me know if you watch it. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Also called Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) is a really good one as well.
  7. Thank you I'll try it as soon as possible
  8. Yeah I love Haruhi!! One of the first anime I watched when I started getting into it. I would reccomend Angel Beats. It's written by the person who wrote Clannad and it's a little like Haruhi in a way, as one of the main characters is a little similar
  9. I'm fine and must be agree with you because they are some of my favorites anime. Have you tried: the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya ? because i love it.Can you recommend a anime to me because it's sounds like you and me love the same things =)
  10. Nice to meet you as well. All the anime you mentioned, well I think they are just the best ones on the planet How are you going?
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