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Conversation Between BadBoss and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. With me everything is doing fine, still studying for my last exam (biostatistics), on 16th
    Hope your work to go on the best and preferenciably to slow down a bit
  2. Hey Pedro, how's it going? I've been swamped with work lately, so not much time to hop on the AF. Really wanna continue with my blog. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance
  3. And btw I can't stand dubbed versions as well, the voices always seem so strange, love the japanese ones!
  4. Yeah, scatter is the english word for the original shire, don't need to change it if you like it this way
    Oh, I see, thanks for the explanation
    You're welcome, I guess a bankai version would be really great, please sent me as you finish it
  5. I watch subbed too. I can't stand dubbed versions. But it always said "scatter" in the ones I watched. Hmm, maybe I'll have to change it.
    These things go as backgrounds on people's phones. So can't really keep them too long.
    I'm gonna do a bankai version at a later time. Thanks for the feedback, man!
  6. Ah ah, I read it in your profile :P
    About the live wallpaper (btw don't think I've seen much besides it) I like it, shame it's so short :P
    As I only watch subbed it's kinda strange to see "scatter" instead of "shire", but at least you wrote Kuchiki Byakuya instead of Byakuya Kuchiki, hate how oftenly the names are wroten as if english xD
    And btw I think he'd be better if you used the bankai of Senbonzakura, but still nice job!
  7. Oops, I think instead of sending you a message I posted it on my own profile lol.
    Anyway, Pedro, do you think you could check out this live wallpaper I made recently? I'm looking for opinions
  8. Pretty nice mixture you could make with the 3 of them
    I'd love to play piano, just too hard to move my two hands at different paces :P

    Btw, I've made a thread with some photos I took on my trips around Europe (starting by France), could you have a eye on it, please?
    Take care
  9. I play a little bit of Piano and I have a drum that I like to bang on every now and then. :P
  10. Well, I guess pratcise is always decisive for everything, not only talent :P And do you play any other instruments?
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