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Conversation Between elisaelisa and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Oh, i thought ur going for longer holiday.
    I will one day get to saving some avatar to my account too lol. When im not at work computer that is.
    Enjoy holiday
  2. Glad you liked
    It was my previous one, I just changed it 'cause I like changes
    As I get back from my vacations house on Wednesday I'll most probably get back to the animated one I had before
  3. Ur new avatar is cool
  4. Tks for the review, seems interesting, guess I'll have a lot at it

    And also thanks for the rep btw, how kind of you
  5. Its about a guy who used to be vampire, but he was helped by sone guy whos homeless and now is again almost human. Its like...every episode have a new story, he meets new people with their own supernatural powers and problems and he helps them with their problem. Hes sometimes talking to that old guy who helped him and gave him advice. I havent watched many episodes yet, but so far i really like it.
  6. Hm, I see I've heard about that anime, could you make me a small review on it plz?

    Take care
  7. Im watching Bakemonogatari at moment, i find it pretty cool, but i only just started. DOnt have so much time for it at moment, so i only watch like one episode every evening for few weeks.
    Ok, have fun
  8. Everything's doing fine with me also, thanks Just too tired, my head is hurting like hell

    So, what animes are you currently watching? I finished Death Note, Durarara!! and Deadman Wonderland recently, just started watching Elfen Lied (episode 2)
    And btw I have to go now, take care at work!
  9. heya, im always fine, how about urself? Just dragging these few more hours at work now... or well less than one now really
  10. Yo, how are you doing today?
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