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Conversation Between elisaelisa and Kaleohano

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  1. Enough money would be nice. lol but no. i'm in the military.
  2. Hehe, hope u will enjoy ur august
    Why u dont see a new job for another 8 years? Are u still in primary school? Are u in jail for 8 years, haha? Did u sign 8 year contract with someone? Or are u simply so rich that u have enough money for next 8 years calculated, lol?
  3. Come visit me n' we'll drink together! lol Its only bad when you drink alone!
    Its always exciting to start a new job. I won't be seeing a new one for at least another 8 years. lol

    September is actually when i'll be coming back. And October i leave again. Only this time, there will be no activity from ol Kaleohano for a while.

    i'll check it out fosho
  4. I dont drink at moment. I want it to stay that way.
    Still having good time tho Yup, life is good.
    Starting new job on monday, its my last day today at my old job here, so probably less spamming from me in coming weeks as i was normally using this forum while at work. Guess i need to start using it at home sometimes now.
    No vacation this year i think...will see... maybe in few month or in september.

    Oh btw, check out AncientTechreborn in google play and like it in facebook or something. Is my apps
  5. Nothing much. Enjoying my Vacation. Drinking every damn night. And chasing ladies even more. Life's good right now lol

    What have you been up to?
  6. Lol, Kaleohano, hello, to u too, im elisaelisa, rite

    However, u dont have to worry about any legal concequences, haha, i am here to socialize, but not in any way that might lead to what might cause these.

    Sup anyway?:P
  7. you're 18, thats good. That saves me from a bunch of legal consequences.
    well rather than cute, would you consider yourself hot or attractive?

    lol hi. I'm Kaleohano. How are you?
  8. ROFL, im 18 alright, but i dunno about cute. Theres no one definition for word cute, but im guessing, nah, i aint:P
  9. hey, random question. would you say you're cute and at lest 18?
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