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Conversation Between Kankiti Shunan and Sighanide

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  1. Oh, hi, whats up?
  2. I've kinda settled down as a game designer. I'm doing well, really its game designer/programmer, i do both. Works been good, especially since i got a game on steam a few months back. If you're curious, here is the trailer:

  3. Are you really a game designer?! I've wanted to be a character designer since years ago... So how are you doing on your work?
  4. I've been a lot of things. From a Janitor to a Runner to a Teacher. But right now i'm a Game Designer.
  5. yes I was studying for a test. I'm in 12th grade. what do you do?
  6. Well, thats good. Studying for a test? what grade/year are you in?
  7. Hello. I'm fine ^-^ I was just a little busy because I need to study for a text. And about you? ^^
  8. well, how you doing?
  9. how you doing? you drop by my page and don't say hello?
  10. Hello??
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