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Conversation Between Kankiti Shunan and SuXrys

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  1. I have been busy with the "real" life so I have barely been online in here this fall, but oh well~ atleast I am here right now at this momet. I guess that counts as something. :> So I have just been working working, nothing fancy or exciting going on over here. Just have been in such a stressful class >___> mhweeh~ but thankfully they are starting to behave much better now. HAHA!! The victory shall be mine~
  2. Hej. Hur mår du? Yeah, I've been out watching some animes. I finished to watch Highschool DxD and I've been reading its novel. Today I saw some episodes of School Days.^-^ Well, how about you?
  3. I don't see you around in here anymore? :3
  4. No problem. For a boy I worry about weird things... ^^" hahaha
  5. *Smells my armpit and then scrathes my stomach* I am so manly sometimes. ;-)
  6. Hej tack ^^
    and I'm sorry if I thought you were a man ;_;
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