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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and cowtipper

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  1. do you remember me??? i just got out of ahalfway home temperarilylol
  2. Lol, I read your mesage Forbuki xD

    Como vais?
  3. Woooh.
    Mas é português ou tás-mo só a trollar? xD
  4. ahhh 18 hours sleep 2 nights ago means a movie marathon and 6hours tonight... medz muahahha
  5. I am portuguese too!
    Então és português e só dizes agora?
  6. I'm replying to that question you just made in the Eureka Seven thread as this is more appopriate

    I am Portuguese lol, and despite the fact that my english is pretty good, I always watch animes with portuguese (in fact it's portuguese from brasil) subs, so I'm afraid I can't help you

    find me this anime i need it now
  7. Ah ah, it wasn't much long
  8. it literaly took a google search and then like 10 seconds to create.... buahhaha
  9. Now that's an avatar!
  10. Sad to hear that, almost dying not coll xD
    I definetely suck with artistic stuff, sorry
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