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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and Kakashi_Yamato_Iruka

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  1. it's ok.

    been busy with school lately.
    o, what's that one about?
  2. Sorry, forgot to reply your vm How are you doing?
    I'm currently watching Elfen Lied which is great
  3. i think i might watch some this weekend. hav a bit more time before the second summer session starts and start piling up on homework
  4. Yup, it's really good And so is Deadman Wonderland (only 12)
  5. wow. that's pretty short. might as well try it soon
  6. Nop, 24 episodes, complete
  7. ah nice

    hmm. durara isnt ongoing?
  8. That's nice
    I've finished Durarara today and am currently watching Deadman Wonderland
  9. currently trying to catch up on bleach. just finished ep 80
    i also watch OP and Naruto whenever the new eps come out
  10. Yeah, exactly
    So, what animes are you currently watching my friend? :=)
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