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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and MVPDJ23

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  1. sup dawg, how are you? remember me? its been a long time since i haven't been on this forum, i been filming and editing for skate videos for a while now ,till now im still doin it but i almost done with my work since it almost the holidays, i already done a couple skate videos and i got sponsored by 2 rollerblading companies which is awesome. but once im done imma be free like a bird xD but heres my skate video that i recently made and edited p.s this one took me 4 hours to edit this >.<
    some older ones i had xD
  2. Wooh, that's great, go for it man, all the luck for you
    Btw, do you like poetry? I made a poem and posted it here, you might wanna read it
  3. lol well im currently watching no anime lately cuz i have no time for anime, and im just enjoyin life skatin with my friends since it vacation and the blading cup just been officially announced today im excited!! ^.^
  4. Hey, how's you rollerblading?

    And which animes are you currently watching bro?
  5. Yeah, but that's pretty cool, you sure seem good at it, thanks a lot for the video, really enjoyed it
  6. hey bro you should check out my group edit this is first one yet lol btw my own edit will hold for now cuz im busy on stuff lol
  7. Nice video, jealous
    Ah ah, I see, go for it!
  8. well i mostly spending my time on facebook arranging upcoming events at my group page and also there like skating compt in a couple of weeks, so i have to set this up early so my group wont be screwed when it starts... here the place i'm going to. and skating really got me busy, i really cant spend any time on any anime stuff for now lol
  9. Hey there^^
    So, what're you up to lately, watching many animes?
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