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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and V-4 Venom

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  1. Well sorry for the too long reply cuz I didnt got the time to check the forum

    But Hey can you tell me some nice and anction pack animes ...

    I pay a look on the ones you mentioned below
  2. Long time, though you weren't going to reply me
    I'm currently watching Deadman Wonderland (episode 1) as I've finished Durarara!! Do you know this animes?
  3. Thanks !! Oh so cartoons n Animes have the difference of Graphics ... I`ll keep that in mind thanks for telling

    Thats great that you are gonna watch Shaman King well I have all the episodes n I have watched them many times n Now I`m reading the manga

    You too ! We`ll be untouched I hope
  4. I meant warm of course!!!!!! Sorry :P

    Mir, what a nice name! And from Pakistan!! How welcome you are!!! Really nice to meet some one from there

    Well, basically the differenc is that graphics in cartoons are a lot worse comparing to animes and also they are ment for younger people.

    I don't know either #2 or #3 but I've recently downloaded all Shaman King's episodes and plan to start watching it in the next weeks, is it nice, right? =

    Take care and hope to stay in touch
  5. Ah ...!! did you meant "Harm" or "Warm" ..?1

    Oh well ...!! Hello My name is Mir n I am from Pakistan ..!! I seriously dont understand the difference B/W cartoons n anime but i will tell you some ...!!
    #1. Shaman King
    #2. King Of Fighters Another Day (Dont know if I wrote the name correct)
    #3. Tekken Motion Picture (I know it is an anime movie but I just totally love it)
  6. Hey there, see you have joined AF pretty soon, so I say a pretty harm WELCOME for you

    My name is Pedro and I'm from Portugal, nice to mee you So, which are your favourite animes?
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