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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and SpeaR

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  1. What is up with your name? xD
  2. Hey, how are you doing? Mind checking my poem?
  3. Wooh, a 2nd season would be great!
    Thought the anime had caught up with the manga
  4. Well Durarara!! is a Light Novel and I believe only the first like 3 volumes were adapted to the anime. I still hope for a 2nd season or translations for the novels.
  5. I read now that Durarara's manga had already finished. I loved Durarara but the end was not that good, I think it had plot to extend in at least some more episodes
    Hm, I see, different opinions
  6. I am not sure about the manga as I have not read it.
    Nah it wasn't the blood and violence that i hated on deadman it just wasn't that interesting for me. I mean at the start it kinda was but later it just became another anime that I won't remember anything about it because I just didn't care for it.
  7. Right but it's already donwloaded ready for watching I didn't know Bacano! had the same author as Durarara
    I really am loving it You probably don't like it for all the blood and violent scenes, right?
    Izaya is very misterious, always knows what's happening, him flaming Shizuo makes lol so much xD Btw the magna is still ongoing?
  8. Nice what did you think about Durarara!! also you have not seen Baccano! yet right? I didn't really like deadman wonderland. And I pretty much liked every single character in Durarara!! Izaya is pretty awesome.
  9. Answering your message - meanwhile I finished watching Durarara!! yesterday and started watching Dead Wonderland (which I'm loving and will finish today) - Mikado grew exponentially in my consideration, love Selty and Shizuo, don't like Kida that much and Izaya gets on my nerves xD
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