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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and sasukelover124

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  1. heyy
  2. Ok :P (not the only person I know was scared)

    The anime is kinda dark indeed and sometimes the character's faces become kinda frightening :P But it's a very good anime, with and extremely envolving plot and with the action centred in two character's deductions and not in the habitual fightings, really awesome, shame it scares you

    Take care
  3. i have watched it it sorta freaked me out so i stoped
  4. Sadic girl! xD Thanks for the descriptions
    I guess I'll see one or two episodes of each to see if I like it but am too busy now with Death Note and then will be with Beelzebub, D. Gray Man and Claymore

    Do you like/have ever watched Death Note?
    Take care!
  5. cool blood + is about a girl named sayia and she kills the monsters with her blood and blood brouthers is prety good ive only seen 28 episodes though
  6. FMA is pretty nice, though I haven't watched Brotherhood (did you?)
    I've donwloaded all Air Gear's episodes, intend to start watching it pretty soon, seems really interesting =)
    As for Blood + I don't know anything about it :P is it like Vampire Knight and Hellsing?

    Take care
  7. besides naruto i like FullMetal Alchemist air gear and blood +
  8. Hey there, my name is Pedro and I'm from Portugal, nice to meet you
    So, what animes else than Naruto do you like wathcing (assuming that for your username, profile pic and avatar so guess that's a pretty fundamented suppostion :P) I also love Naruto, so as One Piece (fav), Bleach, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fairy Tail, InuYasha, FullMetal Alchemist and Kuroko no Basuke, looking foward to start with Death Note, Beelzebub, Dr Gray Man and Claymore

    Take care and hope we can stay in touch!
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