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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and aether

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  1. I'm rather well thanks
    And cheers mate ^^
  2. Hey there mate, long time! How are you doing? (fabulous profile pic btw)
  3. Hey there it's been awhile since we last spoke how are things?
  4. Shall do
  5. Mate, go read my first entry on blog
  6. Sure, no problem, take your time
  7. Cheers shall get round to it once I can get myself aware of surroundings
  8. No problem at all mate, I understand
  9. I haven't yet, I also had to kill a giant moth before it ruined any of my anime wall scrolls it stained my lampshade though

    Yeah they are rather irritating

    Sorry kinda dozy at moment as sleep hasn't been great due to the heat at night
  10. Lol, have you read my suggestion to kill them on the unexpected thread? xD

    Mosquitos and flies are definetely the most annoying animals for me

    Btw, I'm waiting for your comment to my poem, mate, plz don't miss it!
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