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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and The Rebel

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  1. How long is it? I don't mind long animes,,, just won't BUY them.
  2. Ah ah LOL
    As it's kinda long anime compared to some I won't start watching it very soon I guess
  3. A anime to always make me hungry, LOL.
  4. Yes, the main character is very strong and goes on adventures and fights for food, I think that's what it's about
  5. So, it's a anime about food?
  6. I forgot to reply your message, sorry man
    Is that I get so many VM per day that I always miss some

    Here's a short review of Toriko:, it doesn't look much of a thing but I was said here that it's awesome
  7. Toriko? Don't think I've ever heard of it.
  8. Studying biostatistics for my last exam
    And downloading Toriko
  9. Oh, it's going okay. Ripping some CDs so I can have the songs on my Mp3 player.
    How about you?
  10. Hey there, how are you doing?
    Tks a lot for the rep!
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