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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and Kagome

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  1. Wooh, you're SUGOI!! Congratulations, what a hard-work you should have done! In btw, forgive my ignorance, what's doujinshi?
    Yes, it's really stilish
  2. Yup~ I finished translating my raw Inuyasha manga a couple months agoand I'll be starting to translate my Full Metal Alchemits raw manga pretty soon. I know those are already translated by companies too-but I have the all in Japanese books anyway, so I kinda have to if I wanna read them again. lol. -But I also translate doujinshi when I can get my mits on it.

    And thanks. =D I thought the pic was pretty nifty too.
  3. Oh, and I love your profile pic
  4. That's pretty good to hear as well! and thanks for the warm welcome.

    Well, kinda impressive you have done all that My free-time is also pretty much dedicated to animes in general, at least since I've joined AF
    You translate from japonese?
  5. That's good to hear~! We need more people like you on this forum. =D

    And you're welcome. ^_^ I'm from the US and I've been a huge Otaku nerd since I was in middle school. Seen and read a lot and it pretty much rules my free-time. I translate as a side amd I'm always reading or watching something. hehe.
  6. Well, I love AF and I'm having pretty much free-time so that's why I've been so active :P

    Thanks for the welcome, Kagome-chan! (LOVE INUYASHA!! ) So, I'll intruduce myself, I'm Pedro from Portugal and I'm a student, just love animes and mangas. What about you?

    Take care and hope we can stay in touch
  7. :: pokes at his profile:: Chur newish-and posting quite a bit. Welcome! =D
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