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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and Kagome

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  1. Hey, too long not speaking, already learn a bit from Portuguese?

    Btw, what animes are you currently watching?
    Take care
  2. Hey there, my friend, how've you been doing lately?
    Got back from my 3 days camping before yesterday, still a bit tired xP (if you want/are curious you might wanna check on my thread about it)

    Hope you're doing great, take care
  3. Ah ah, as you wish to call it, as soon as your learn it
    You better keep it then May I ask you what indeed do you know of Portuguese? Don't be afraid, I don't bite nor chrage for portuguese lessions ah ah xD

    Yes, in that way and with Raiko being the main character, Death Note is completely different from any anime I've watched before, really nice!! But still like the anime pretty much. Btw, do you know if the anime ends as the manga or does the manga go further in the plot?
  4. WELL, learn somethin' new every day. xD But I think just for the sake of where she's from-I'll call it Azoreian anyway.

    Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. ;D

    Very much so! Though-honestly-it probably would have been better staying a manga. xD There's not a lot of action in it, more analitical thought then action.
  5. Lol, there's no such thin as Azoreian portuguese :P (it's the same as portuguese from Lisbon or from Porto, which are different from the brazilian one), though people from Azores have a really nice accent xD
    Well, that's really interesting, world is really a smal place after all :P
    You can count on me whatever you want, being grammar, vocabulary, writting, etc, I'm being honnest I pretty much like teaching so it'd be a pleasure feel free

    Well done! I really LOVE Death Note as well, really interesting and involving plot, wonderful anime!
  6. I actually need to learn Portuguese. xD Azoreian Portuguese though...My BFF's family comes from the Azores, and her dad speaks Portuguese only pretty communicating with him is a little hard.

    Though yea, you could say I've been studying Japanese for a long while. 6 years-seld-taught...if I don't miss my guess.

    And yea~ I love Death Note. I own the entire anime on DVD. =)
  7. Nice comparison, and guess it should be a really secret one ah ah :P
    Indeed it is awesome able to do the same with English and Portuguese ah ah

    You're just great for being able to do that studied it for quite long, did you?
    In btw, I just started Death Note (episode 5), do you like it?
  8. It is...but-its fun too! It's like decoding a secret message. =D It's pretty awesome when you're able to translate the words and see what they were talking about and know what it means all the sudden.
  9. Ok, thanks for the explanation, what you do seems to be really interesting and demanding. congrats for it again
  10. Heh, thanks.

    Doujinshi is the Japanese fan-made manga that uses the characters and basic ideas of a popular manga/anime and makes it's own side story. Kiind of like a fanfic-but in a manga fornat.
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