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Conversation Between kintoki-sakata and Suzume

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  1. Arab world? I've seen it and I have went to a masque in Abu Dhabi. Them made to wear that veil thingies.
  2. oh , never mind.
    Actually It isn't arabic
    but maybe any other language you've heard before
    If you wanted to know anything about the arab world
    just ask me
    don't be shy , lol.
  3. May be it's not arabic.
    Oh well dont worry about that
  4. what ??!!
    i donnot know what > asku laska < means ??!
  5. Thank you.
    I'm happy to see u here too.
    So asku laska means love in arabic right?
  6. yeah ! I hope i can visit it one day :>

    happy to see you here
  7. Yeah i love Dubai.
    You should visit it once.

    I'm from India
  8. well ,
    Do you like Dubai ? I didnot go there before !!

    where are you from ?
  9. Well i go to Dubai every vacation, so i guessed it would be arabic.
    I cant speak arabic.
  10. yeah ! it is arabic
    it is my native language
    why do you ask ?
    can you speak arabic or what ??!
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