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Conversation Between kintoki-sakata and SuXrys

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  1. Pffsss! Blue isn't a colour only for the boys! D:
  2. oh ya ,, brown , i love it to but my favourite colour is blue ,, I think it's odd too , cause it's a colour for boys , lol. but i love it so much ^_^
  3. My favorite colour? I may be odd and "rare" but my favorite colour is brown (I don't know many others that have that as their favorite colour). Not poop-brown thought but real brown. lol. You know what I mean. ~ ;-)
  4. but you can tell me about any anime you know
    and I'll try to find a translated copy or ask some friends to translate it ,lol
    by the way , what's your favourite colour ?
  5. yeah , because It's my native language :>
    & It's difficult for me to watch anime episodes which are translated to english
  6. Do you only watch sites that has arabic subtitles?
  7. yeah , it seems to be a nice anime
    I will try to watch it
    thanks for the website
    but i cannot use it as i watch translated episodes to arabic >
  8. A few. I think the last one that I did watch must have been.... *thinks* this one:
    here are some reviews on it:

    I thought in beforehand that the anime would be kind of childish but I ended up actually really liking that anime!
    And I actually did cry a couple of times too. So I actually recommend that one if you havn't seen it yet.
  9. what other animes have you watched ?
  10. i can't watch it online cause my internet speed isn't fast

    yaaa , i haven't met kintoki yet
    but i saw alot of pictures for this anime
    so i knew about the characters
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