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Conversation Between xMaTTx and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Hey, there, what's up?
  2. Yo, how are you doing?
    Do you like photography btw?
  3. Ah ah :P
    No problem, not replying late at all
  4. Oops I think I'm replying really late, haha.
  5. As u know bleach, and 2 others I can't spell right now, lol
  6. Oh, no problem about it, guess it's always kinda unexpected :P
    So, which anime(s) are you currently watching?

    Take care
  7. Omg thank you so much, wow I wasn't expecting this thank you your very kind.
  8. Texas, that nice land...
    Always google helping out :P I never knew any browser other than it I guess xD
  9. And as I'm sure u see my names Matt , I'm from Texas
    And as for the avatar it's something I fished from
  10. Hey there, I'm raking your avatar here (since my thread got closed) as pretty good, 8/10 or 17/20 I guess, what's that character from?
    Btw, I'm Pedro from Portugal and I nice to meet you :P
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