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Conversation Between xMaTTx and Sizary Momo

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  1. Have you ever seen you Dad?Q-Q
  2. you know we have alot in common lol XD
  3. omg you poor thing that really makes me sd to hear /Hug
  4. Part 2
    I would curl up in a corner hugging my knees start crying.
    One day my mom threw away my teddy bear and said that i needed to grow up.3 months later i got really sick
    and my mom apologized for being mean.I started crying again even today i still cry without my Dad and without
    my teddy bear that i hugged everytime i cried...
  5. Part 1
    My mom took me away from my dad because he was abusive and that he beat my
    step sisters and step brother.He also beat my mom.He would yell at her and lock
    her in the bathroom.One day she gathered the family and hid at my aunt's house.
    When he came looking for my mom my aunt went to the door and said"no i haven't seen her"
    Later on my dad moved out and my mom bought a new house and later found another
    My step family was scared of me.They thought i would turn out just like my father,violent and mean.
    When i was little i remember walking up to my mom on Father's Day and asking"Mama can i give
    these flowers to daddy?"She hit me and said "Never say that again!"I grew up wondering if having a dad was bad.When my big sister told me what my dad did i became emotionally depressed.
  6. sorry to hear that
    My dad dies in 09, commit-ed suicide hung himself. really messed my life up for a few years.
    so I feel your pain
  7. cool.My grandpa died when i was about 5.
    All i remember was seeing my mom cry in an
    empty room.
  8. you ? =3
  9. I'm gona go meet up with my mom and go out to eat with my grandpa
  10. So what are you doing today for father's day?^^
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